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Peter Doig

Poster for Pierrot le Fou 


Share... for the  pleasure

The British painter Peter Doig acquired international renown in the early 1990s. His canvases, which today are among the most expensive on the art market, question the relationship between

man to nature: we discover there  general-

ment of wild or desert spaces in the

in which the human presence seems insignificant. Works that are both suggestive

and poetic, produced in a style that favors

gie the general atmosphere and the mystery it

induced on  precision of detail.

In 2003, when he had just settled on the island of Trinidad, in the Caribbean, he decided to invest in a project which would certainly bring him neither money nor

advertising, but which will in return give him a certain pleasure. A passionate cinephile, he created -  with his friend

painter Che Lovelace - a club  baptized  StudioFilmClub ,

          for  share with Trinidadians its

          enthusiasm for the 7th art. Since his  

          creation, the club  therefore offers each week

          ne, in a small room of  show, a

          free screening  of a film  chosen by Doig and

          Lovelace . About sixty  people

          come to discover, projection after pro-

          projection, works by Godard, Almodovar or

          Kurosawa. An audience of modest size, but an immense pleasure for the painter  who - proof of his commitment - creates a poster himself for each film screened.

What we can take away:

The imperatives of profitability of our contemporary companies have led us to dissociate the notion of work and the idea of pleasure...  until you forget that  enthusiasm conditions performance. Getting involved in a sharing project, with no immediate interest other than the sole pleasure of the exchange, is not a waste of time: on the contrary, it is an excellent way of cultivating both your own motivation  and that of  collective.

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