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All 47ème Rue talks have the same ambition: to shed light, through art, on a decisive theme for the company. With always the same requirement: humility, rhythm, humor and benevolence.

From Renaissance frescoes to Street Art, from Baroque painting to the birth of photography, each conference offers a journey through time to meet the greatest artists, who have so much to teach us about ourselves... and about our jobs, whatever they may be.


In a permanent search for interaction with the participants - whether they are ten or a thousand - we commit ourselves to

make them live a moment of pleasure and discovery, always mixing smiles and reflection. 


Each intervention is the subject of a preparatory meeting, in order to specify as well as possible the stakes of the event, the current events of the company, the state of mind of the participants and the nature of their job... in order to offer a service perfectly adapted to the reality of their daily life. This is how 47ème rue intends to humbly follow in the footsteps of great artists: by building bridges between universal works and specific situations.

The talks


Who are we ?

Identity and pride of belonging


The Art of  Working Together


Teamwork and collective intelligence


The Artist & the Client

Business relationship

The Secrets of Boldness: let's be doers


Audacity and spirit of initiative


Change !

Creativity and innovation

The Artist & the Patient


Doctor-patient relationship


The hidden paths of Commitment

Motivation and commitment

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