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The Art of Working Together

When artists teach us about collective work

Goals :

Highlight the strength of collective intelligence.

Value the heterogeneity of the group.

Promote transversality, complementarity and synergies.

Unite employees around common values.

Encourage solidarity and humility.

Improve communication within the group.

Cast (not exhaustive):

Frédéric Bazille, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Pierre-Paul Rubens, Walter Gropius, Gustav Klimt, the Surrealists, the Impressionists, Pablo Picasso, Dora Maar, Frida Kahlo, Mathias Grünewald, Nicolas Poussin…


From 45 minutes to 1h15


Employees (all functions)

The health and prosperity of any organization depends on the ability of its members to work together in a coordinated and harmonious manner. This evidence reminds us how much the question of the relationship, with all that it implies in terms of respect, attention and empathy, is crucial in any business.

The image we have of the artist's work is that of a solitary individual, obsessed with the expression of an intimate and personal vision. However, history teaches us that the artist must on the contrary be open, listening to his contemporaries and interacting with those around him.

Because autarky and individualism constitute sterile ground, the greatest painters and sculptors have made their relationship with others the key to their inspiration and, sometimes, to their success.

This conference highlights the practices and behaviors of some great artists through the relationships they maintained with their friends, models, sponsors or fellow artists.

Examples that only ask to be followed in our companies...

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