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Develop company's creativity at all levels 

Stimulating interventions to energize your seminars and conventions, and make art a source of inspiration on a daily basis.


State of mind

Art history is not just a vast field of cultural exploration. It is also an inexhaustible source of inspiration to think differently about our relationship to work.


From Léonard to Soulages, through Picasso, Banksy or Cartier-Bresson, the artists have given us through their works timeless and universal lines of thought to develop our creativity, nourish our motivation, cultivate collective intelligence and take part in the change with lucidity and enthusiasm.


And because no artist has chosen to address his work only to the initiated, 47ème Rue has chosen the popularization, the game and the humor to invite everyone, whatever their relationship to art, to walk through those bridges across our daily life and the greatest painters, sculptors and photographers'ones.


Our ambition: to combine pleasure, discovery and reflection... to grow together and invent the future of our professions.

The talks


Who are we ?

Identity and pride of belonging

When the history of photography helps us understand what makes our company unique, to give meaning to our professions and facilitate transformation.


The Art of Working Together


Develop team spirit and collective intelligence
A fun conference on the theme of collective work to promote collaboration, cohesion and solidarity within teams.

The Artist & the Client


The secrets of the business relationship
A participatory conference to rethink the customer experience and enhance the human dimension of the commercial relationship.


The Secrets of Boldness: let's be doers

Cultivate the spirit of initiative with Street Art. An offbeat conference to invite employees to overcome their inhibitions, take action and give their ideas a chance.

Change !


Unleash our creative energies

An interactive conference to understand that creativity is not a magic trick, and that each employee is capable of changing, innovating and creating value in their own field of action

The Artist & the Patient


Another perspective on the doctor-patient relationship

A conference created for doctors and health personnel, to invite them to take a new look at their relationship with patients.

The Hidden Paths of Commitment


Find the resources to give the best of ourselves
A stimulating conference on the levers of motivation that we can all activate, to find (again) desire and enthusiasm.

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More than


since 2013
CAC 40 companies among our regular clients


60 to 70

per year
Original formats for

10 to 2000


of “very satisfied” participants



Why "47ème Rue"?

47ème rue is the French for 231 East, 47st Street, the address of the Factory, Andy Warhol's legendary New York workshop. And if we have chosen to address this wink to the master of Pop Art, it is because he was one of the first to assume – even to claim – the close links between the world of art and the one of business. It is these links that 47ème Rue intends to explore, not in terms of finance and market, but in terms of creativity, passion and enthusiasm. “Art, said Warhol, is a profession like any other." From our point of view, your job is an art like any other.

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Our clients



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