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The Secrets of Boldness: Let's be doers

Take part in the transformation with Street Art

Goals :

Encourage personal initiatives.

Give a feeling of legitimacy in the action.

Value the small victories.

Encourage collective dynamics.

Emphasize the importance of creativity.

Question motivation.

Cast (not exhaustive):

Hula, Invader, Shepard Fairey, Nikos, Banksy, Miss Maurice, Paul Curtis, Vhils, Max Zorn, JR, eL Seed, Magda Sayeg…


From 45 minutes to 1h15


Employees (all functions)
Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs

This conference aims to give everyone the power to act despite the inhibitions that arise from any risk-taking process. The reasons which incite us not to do often impose themselves on us with more weight than those which invite us to do.

Our capacity to act depends on our ability to reverse this balance of power.

The "street artist" is by definition the one who takes a place that no one has offered him, who exposes himself without waiting to be invited. From Banksy to JR through Invader or Shepard Fairey, these artists are models of audacity that can help each of us to find the necessary energy to overcome our doubts and to finish with the shackles that we artificially create for ourselves.

The spirit of initiative is an essential component of any company's agility: the example of these artists is an encouragement for each employee to take action, to dare to engage in the evolution of his or her professional context and to take part in change instead of undergoing it.

A state of mind favorable to "empowerment", which allows to amplify the feeling of autonomy, the pleasure and the motivation of each one...

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