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The Hidden Paths of Commitment

The Motivational Secrets of Great Artists Applied to Business

Goals :

Identify the levers of motivation and “self-motivation”.

Encourage ambitious long-term projects.

Value the contribution and uniqueness of each employee.

Provide a response to the need for autonomy.

Cultivate a sense of belonging.

Instill desire in a potentially repetitive daily life.

Cast (not exhaustive):

The Impressionists, Michelangelo, Christo, Tamara de Lempicka, Wassily Kandinsky, Edward Hopper, Joseph Vernet, the Surrealists, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Vincent Van Gogh, Constantin Brancusi...


From 45 minutes to 1h15


Employees (all functions)

After the Covid-19 crisis disrupted our work habits in an unprecedented way, each of us is invited to question ourselves on the projects to carry out and the practices to adopt in order to get back on track with a dynamic activity.

This imperative raises a fundamental question for the health of the company as well as for the development of the individual: that of motivation. Where can we find - or rediscover - the desire to commit ourselves fully? Beyond the quest for performance, it is a question of giving ourselves the means to accomplish our jobs, by making efforts that are commensurate with our skills.


This conference aims to identify the levers of commitment that each of us can activate in our daily lives, based on examples from the history of art.

The greatest artists, far from being guided by the mere "pleasure of creating", have shown remarkable motivation, often deploying extraordinary energy to achieve their goals. They are thus unexpected but highly inspiring models to help us find the resources to satisfy our personal aspirations as well as our collective ambitions.

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