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Andy Warhol in the Factory, by Bob Adelman,  1965

 231 East  47th Street , New York. It was on the fifth floor of this building in the heart of Manhattan that Andy Warhol set up his studio in 1962, called "  the Factory  ". Like few artists before him, Warhol dared to assume – even claim – the links between the world of art and the world of business. It is these links that  47th street  intends to explore, not in terms of finance and the market, but in terms of creativity, passion and enthusiasm. To live the company as an artist lives his work: with sincerity, emotion and originality.

  We all have much to learn from the lives of great artists, the genesis of their works and the contemplation of their work. Because each of us is involved, whatever his activity, in an approach that has a lot to do with the

artistic creation. Breathe in the spirit of the times, feel the world around you, make choices, take risks, convince, apprehend reality in order to transform it. This is what we are all trying to do today in our respective fields. This is what Warhol, Picasso, Monet, Delacroix and many others did in their time. Through their works, these artists have bequeathed lessons to enrich our vision of the world in general, and of business in particular.


  47ème rue is the history of art at the service of our professional projects. So that we can all, executives, employees, managers, ensure that the company is the place of creativity, inspiration, fulfillment and harmony. For the good of the individual as well as for the health of the company.

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