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 After studying literature and art history,  Grégoire Jeanmonod became a journalist fifteen years ago. Since then, he has divided his time between writing articles for the press specializing in the fine arts ( 'Arts Magazine', 'Géo' among others) and preparing entertainment programs for television. On the strength of this dual experience, he sought to build bridges between the related worlds of museum art and popular culture.

  In this same spirit of openness and decompartmentalization, in 2011 he published the book '10 paintings and their era' (Editions Defursen), in which he analyzed ten masterpieces from the history of art at the light of the political, philosophical or economic circumstances that framed their birth. With the conviction that art is never as powerful as when it resonates with a reality that is external to it, without being foreign to it.

  It is driven by this idea, and aware of the new challenges that any company must face today, that he founded  47th street. So that art and its stories help us to experience the company differently.


10 paintings and their era

Editions Defursen, 2011

Ten masterpieces from the history of painting analyzed in the light of the context in which they were born.

Understand how great works are born. Why on such a date, in such a country, under the brush of such an artist? By flying over seven centuries of art history, this book seeks to take a transdisciplinary look at ten large paintings, associating them with historical, political, philosophical, scientific or economic considerations specific to the time of their creation. .

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