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All 47th Street conferences respond to the same ambition: to shed light, through art, on a decisive theme for the company.With always the same requirement: humility, rhythm, humor and benevolence.

From Renaissance frescoes to those of Street Art, from Baroque painting to the birth of photography, each intervention offers a journey through time to meet the greatest artists, who have so much to teach us about ourselves… and on our professions, whatever they may be.

In a permanent search for interaction with the participants - whether they are ten or a thousand -, we are committed to making them livea moment of pleasure and discovery always mixing a smile with reflection. 

Each intervention is the subject of a preparatory meeting, in order to better specify the stakes of the event, the news of the company, the state of mind of the participants and the nature of their order to offer a service perfectly adapted to the reality of their daily lives.This is how 47ème rue intends to walk humbly in the footsteps of great artists: by building bridges between universal works and particular situations.


Participatory conference on the theme of audacity and the spirit of initiative

Lack of legitimacy, non-existent room for manoeuvre, insufficient means, uncertain gratification: the reasons for not doing things often impose themselves on us with more weight than the desire to do things. This conference explores the mechanisms of initiative in  artists who have chosen to exhibit themselves spontaneously in the public space, to identify the universal levers allowing the balance of power between inhibition and motivation to be reversed.


Participatory conference on the theme of change and creativity.

How did certain great painters, from Leonardo da Vinci to Pablo Picasso, manage to generate new, personal and singular ways of painting their time? To what extent can these postures of creativity find concrete applications today in the company? This conference delivers pragmatic advice to develop our creativity, both individually and at the collective and managerial level. 


Participatory conference on the theme of teamwork.

Whether with their models, their sponsors or other artists, painters and sculptors have always made the relationship a key lever of their inspiration. Understanding the other, devoting sincere attention to him, looking at the interlocutor with a fair and rewarding look, showing solidarity and benevolence without however being complacent: there are many lines of thought suggested by the artists to rethink the relationship in the context of the company.


Participatory conference on the theme of the commercial relationship.

The history of art is above all a history of commercial relations. Artists have always earned their living by meeting the expectations of buyers and sponsors. This conference therefore sets out to study the relationships that certain painters  have succeeded in establishing with their clients and/or models. With the conviction that their example and the lessons that flow from it can be very stimulating to rethink our own business practices. 

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