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Audacity: instructions

There is always hope,  Banksy

Why a conference on audacity... from  Street Art?

This conference, resolutely modern in both substance and form, aims to give everyone back their power to act despite the inhibitions raised by any approach involving risk-taking.

The "  street artist  is by definition someone who takes a place that no one has offered him, who exposes himself without waiting to be invited. From Banksy to JR via Invader or Shepard Fairey, these artists are models of audacity who can help each of us find the necessary energy. 

to overcome our doubts and put an end to the obstacles that we artificially create for ourselves.


The spirit of initiative is an essential component to the agility of any company: the example of these artists unlike any other is an encouragement for each employee to take action, to dare to take part in the evolution of their professional context instead of ignoring their ideas and projects. A state of mind that also helps to amplify everyone's sense of autonomy, pleasure and motivation...

Duration of the service: approximately 1h15

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