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Still life on a piano,  Pablo Picasso 1911

Why a conference on change and creativity?

At a time when exchanges are developing and markets are globalizing, the need for differentiation is becoming more and more pressing for each company. The only answer to this growing need is creativity. By engaging in a dynamic of change, the company takes an active part in the evolution of the market and offers itself the possibility of distinguishing itself in the field of innovation. In addition, creativity goes hand in hand with collaborative management capable of satisfying the need for recognition of the teams, and in particular of the new generations.

If there is a field in which the question of creativity has always arisen, it is that of art: the greatest artists are those who have made their discipline evolve by proposing new approaches. Combining the pleasure of discovery with that of collective reflection, this intervention highlights some of the keys to their creativity, and shows that these postures are timeless, universal, pragmatic and easily transposable to the business world.

Duration of the service: approximately 1h15

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