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the Art of the Collective

meeting of friends,  Max Ernst 1922

Why a conference on the modalities of collective work?

The health and prosperity of any organization depends on the ability of its members to work together in a coordinated and harmonious manner. Even if we sometimes forget it, this obviousness reminds us how much the question of the relationship, with what it implies in terms of respect, listening and empathy, is crucial in any business.

The image we often have of the artist's work is that of a solitary individual, invested in the realization of his work and sometimes obsessed with the expression of an intimate and personal vision. However, history teaches us that the artist must on the contrary be open, attentive to his

contemporary and in interaction with his entourage. Because autarky and individualism constitute sterile soil, the greatest painters and sculptors have made their relationship with others the key to their inspiration and their creativity.


Conceived as an invitation to openness and collective reflection, this playful intervention highlights the relational postures of some great artists through the relationships they have maintained with their friends, models, sponsors or fellow artists, and delivers ideas for adapting and adopting them in the context of the company.

Duration of the service: approximately 1h15

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